Saturday, 9 June 2012

Forgive me barbz......x

Im so sorry that it has taken me so long to post chapter 6 barbz......i have had so many things going on atm its been getting so hard to try get on here.......but i promise you all it will be up tonight.......thank you for all your support......i love you all soo much you dont realise how much love i have for all of you!!!!
Ohhhh and ummm i no imma bit late with this but i aint happy about the whole summer jam situation.....why the fuck are people hating on our queen????? I totally understand why Nicki pulled out of the end of the day silly immaature dicks shouldnt be disrespecting Nicki in front of a live audience before she goes on!!! So good for her....i would have done the exact same thing......i wouldnt take shit of no one!!!! I have evan seen barbz getting all bitchy about it and im like 'what the fuck?' they call themselves barbz and then start getting all nasty to Nicki...nahh i aint gonna be taking that.....barbz should respect the descisions that Nicki makes and love her no matter always stand by her no matter what happens :) So if Nicki does ever read this blog (which is very unlikely) i would like her to no that i love and respect her....she will always have a special place in my heart.....i aint gonna let no one disrespect my mama and get away with it!!! She is my idol, inspirtaion, and queen.....nothing will ever stop me loving her!!!! TeamMinaj till the death of me......YMCMB till the death of me........ :)

Muuuaaahhh.......(xx) *Barbiee loveagee* (xx)

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