Saturday, 26 May 2012

Chapter 5 - Showtime

Nicki sat in her dressing room backstage waiting to go on and perform. She was shaking. She didnt no what was going to happen when Drake would come on stage with her. She new her fans were expecting them to be their typical flirty selfs but could she do that after everything? But then the other side of her was looking forward to it, just getting close to Drake and feeling his hands on her body gave her the most amazing feeling inside. She started at herself in the mirror.

'Why does he like me??? Whats so special about me??? He could get any girl he wants yet he wants someone like me......i dont get it hmmmmmmmm'

*Knock Knock*
Sb: Nicki?
Nicki continued to stare in the mirror not evan acknowledging that Safaree had knocked and called her name.
She remained staring, looking at herself thinking why Drake would want her, she didnt think she was pretty or skinny or anything special, in fact she hated the way she looked. It bothered her when people spoke about her looks, she just never like to let out her feelings about it.
Sb: Nicki stop ignoring me......if you dont answer this door in 3 seconds im coming in i dont care what your doing! coming in!!!
He walked into the room and looked around, he saw her sitting in front of the mirror with sadness in her eyes, he hated it when she looked sad but he new there was never anything he could do because she would never tell him why she was upset. All he wanted to do was prove to her that he would love her like no other man could but he couldnt do that unless she let out her feelings to him.
Sb: Nicki??? (he walked towards her) Nicki??? (he tapped her shoulder) NICKI???
Nicki: (she jumped) Shit you tryna give me a heart attack boy?
Sb: Sorry i did knock but someone was stuck in la la land, you ok?
Nicki: Uhhh whatever....yeah why wouldn't i be?
Sb: Sorry you just looked a bit down, i was only asking no need to snap at me!
Nicki: Well sorry but this is the last show of the tour and i have to make it perfect and yeah everyone thinks that i have it so fucking easy and that i can do whatever, well guess what, i fucking cant! Im nervous ok? Am i not aloud to be nervous now? What doyaa want?
Sb: Wooohhhh chill Nick, i just came to tell you your on in 5 minutes....i leave ya to it
Nicki: Uhhhh sorry im just stressed now coming (pauz)
Sb left the room as he new that when Nicki was in one of these moods the only thing to cheer her up was to be in the presence of her fans. He was concerned about her though, she had been acting weird lately and it worried him, but he knew that it had something to do with Drake. He waited for Nicki at the stage side entrance. As she approached him he could tell something wasn't right, he new she always got nervous before a show but it never showed up on her face like it did this time. 
Sb: Alright?
Nicki: mmmmmmhmmmmmm im good......just wanna get this over and done with......really not in the mood tonight just want to go back to the hotel and sleep!
Sb: You no you dont have to go are aloud to be ill and if ya barbz dont like well then they aint true barbz they just messers!
Nicki: Seriously you think mama's gonna let her babies down? Hmmmm dont think so!!!! And why all of a sudden have you been turning into this worry wombat?? Im just nervous thats be fine as soon as i see my babies happy!
Sb: Ok well as long as your ok and i only worry because your my best friend and thats what best friends do...ya no look out for eachother....but enough talking get up there barbie!!!
She side eyed him as she head for the stage, it was now her time to give her last show of the tour and she was gonna give her barbz something they would never forget! The second she entered the stage the crowd went crazy. Her nerves started to calm down when she felt the true love her barbz were giving her, she loved her barbz, nothing could cheer her up better than TeamMinaj. The show was crazy, she new how to hype the crowd up, She had been performing for the past 16 minutes. She had already performed hits from her Pink Friday album including Romans revenge, Save me, Check it out, did it on em, fly and right through me, then she performed a melody of her features including Monster, My chick bad, Bottoms up, Dutty love, Lil freak and Hello good morning. She was having so much fun jumping around the stage like a lunatic rapping and singing along with her barbz. She loved that the barbz new all the words, she loved the fact she had such loyal fans and respected them so much as they are the reason for most of her success. Now the time was coming that she was fearing all night. she was going to have to face Drake. The music came on for Moment for life, suddenly she felt a butterflies going crazy in her stomach.

' Shit shit shit nooooooo! Im not ready, how the fuck am i gonna do this??? I dont want to face him yet.....but i have to....for the barbz!!! And anyway its not like anything can happen between us on stage we are in front of thousands of people.....its fine my barbz are here and i will do it for them!'

She pranced around the stage while her fans were going crazy, they were singing along with her and screaming her name. Just hearing them and seeing their happy faces calmed her down a little. She had nearly finished the hook when she heard screams get louder, she new this was it, she had to face him she couldnt turn back now. She didnt want to turn around because she didnt want to make eye contact with him like they usually do. She felt her body getting weaker, she started to feel sweat forming on her face, then she started loosing her breathe. She was so nervous but she didnt want her fans to suspect anything so she smiled and carried on as normal. Just then she heard Drakes sexy smooth talented voice. She smiled as normal until she felt him standing behind her. She felt his breathe of the back of her neck, suddenly she felt a look of fear appear on her face and she couldnt do anything to get rid of it. She wasnt afraid of him, she was afraid of what he was doing, it made her want his body right ther. She moved forward a little but so did he. His voice started to get smoother as she pushed his body against hers. They stayed in that position for 10 seconds (its felt like a life time to Nicki) then she pulled away and carried on like normal, jumping around the stage interacting with the fans. The crowd was screaming as loud as they possibly could at this point. Nicki didnt quite no what to do with herself she was lost in another world, she snapped out of it and danced around like nothing happened. Just then her right foot slipped and she fell to the floor. 

' Fake sake seriously Nicki??? Your gonna do this now??? I no we all gonna have our little stage falls and mistakes but did mine have to be tonight??? Hes gonna think i love hurting myself around him or whatever, last night was my head, today my ankle, what tomorrow am i gonna fucking die??? and owwww this fucking hurts like bitch!!!!'

Drake: Yo Yo cut the music! (he shouted to the DJ as he ran over to Nicki, he got down on his knees) You ok???
Nicki: No!!!! My fucking ankle hurts, i cant move!!!!
Drake: Come here (He stood up and held his hand out for her, he pulled her up) Right now put your arm around me.
She did as he said and put her arm around him, they started to walk of slowly, he was trying to be careful as she was limping badly. Nicki smiled, evan after everything that happened the past day she felt so comfortable with him and the fact he was looking after her just made her want him evan more. The crowd was shouting Nicki;s name. they were all worried. There were a few 'oooohhhh's' and 'awwwwww's' as the barbz always loved to see Dricki in action (obviously we do right barbz? haha) 
Drake: (In the mic) Dont worry barbz imma look after your mama, she'll be fine il make sure of it! (He pulled his cheeky smile to everyone) YMCMB NIGGA!!! 
Nicki: (She grabbed the mic from Drake) Sorry barbz i dont want to let you down, but i hope you all no that i love you soooo much and i would do anything for you all......i love you my beautiful babies.....mama's gonna try get better soon.....muuuaaahhh.....Its barbie bitch and????
TeamMinaj: Pink Friday hoe wooooooohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
Nicki: Haha love you babies muah!
Nicki and Drake headed backstage, arms still around eachother as she limped. She was in a lot of pain but she couldnt help but smile. Not just because of Drake but because of her barbz aswell, they always new the right things to do and say. But she couldnt over the fact how sweet Drake was being to her. As they got backstage they went to her dressing room so she could rest her foot. He sat her down on her 2 peice pink sofa and  placed a chair in front of her to put her foot up on.
Nicki: Thankyou (she had a slight smile on her face and her voice was low)
Drake: (smiling) Anytime, wait here i just gotta go get something
Nicki: Well i aint gonna be going far dumbass! 
She pointed to her foot and laughed, he smiled as he left the room. He was back within 2 minutes holding an ice pack. He walked over to her and sat on the chair her foot was resting on, he carefully lifted her foot and layed it on his lap. He started removing her shoe.  
Nicki: What are you doing?
Drake: Making sure your foot and ankle are ok
Nicki: Since when did you become doctor drizzy?
Drake: Since lil miss minaj keeps hurting herself (he smiled)
Nicki: Ohhh ha ha i cant help that im clumsy sometimes
Drake: Yeah clumsy aint the word for it!
They smiled at eachother, in some ways this was awkward for them but in other ways they felt comfortable with eachother. He removed her shoe and gently rolled up the right side of the leggings up. 

' Shit her legs are damn fine.....smoothest lesg iv ever had my hands on! Cant believe shes letting me touch her, cant believe shes evan talking to me, i wanna talk to her now about everything but i cant, its to soon isnt it? Damn it Drizzy just talk to her whats the worst that can happen....she likes you so why not???'

Nicki: Owwwwwwww watch it!!!
Drake: Sorry
Nicki: Its okaay, hows it looking?
Drake: A little swollen, noticeable but it should go down alot if you put this ice on it.
Nicki: Guess im just full of bad luck lately.
Drake: Why say that?
Nicki: Just seems like everything i do lately seems to mess up big time!
Drake: Ohhh shut up!
Nicki: Dont be so i will not shut up!
Drake: (He placed the pack of ice on her ankle) is that okaay?
Nicki: Yeah its fine thankyou
They smiled at eachother. Nicki layed her head back and closed her eyes while drake gently massaged her ankle with his fingers. 5 minutes had passed and she was ready to doze of. 
Drake: Ummmm Nicki?
Nicki: (She lifted her head) Yeah
Drake: Ummm look i wanna talk ....
Just then he was interrupted by Sb storming in the room. 
Sb: Nicki you okaay?
Nicki: Yes im fine, seriously boy why have you started worrying about everything that happens to me all of a sudden, i dont like it, i prefer when you being a cocky cunt! your less annoying and Drakes helping me so im fine, it was only a little fall nothing serious, you couldnt have done anything better than what Drake is doing so just leave it!
Sb: Ohh couldnt i??? How about take you to a hospital??? And i worry about you because im a good friend and i carebut if your gonna be like that i wont bother worrying anymore!
Nicki: You seriously gonna start argueing with me when im in pain and tryna relax? 
Sb: Yeah because im sick of your bullshit! 
Nicki: If your so sick of it why dont you fucking leave??? 
Sb: Ohhh really is that what you want?? Maybe i will then.....but dont come running to me me when he (pointing to Drake) fucks you about and caauses tears to form in them pretty eyes!
Drake and Nicki looked at eachother confused.
Nicki: What the fuck are you talking about Safaree??? Hes helping me out sorry if thats not aloud, wooohhh you acting like you jelous or something? At least hes actually helping me instead of shouting at me and stressing me out!
Sb: You no what it means, i aint stupid Nicki!!! 
Drake: Yo bro calm it down yeah?
Sb: I aint your fucking bro, get fucked!
Nicki: Get out!
Sb: What?
Nicki: I said GET THE FUCK OUT! ohhhhh and dont come back.....i dont no what is up with you but im sick of your cocky attitude and you acting like this....i dont need you if your gonna be like this so FUCK OF!!!!!
Sb: (Laughing) Dont worry im going!
Safaree slammed the door making Nicki jump. Drake could tell Nicki was fustrated.
Drake: You okaay?
Nicki: Yep just fucking fine!!! (Drake gave her a look) Uhhh im sorry im just pissed of, i seriously cannot believe him!
Drake: You want me to talk to him tomorrow or something?
Nicki: Nooo dont worry he'll come running back when he realises his career is nothing without me! He always comes back im used to this lately....hes been such a dick the past few months dont no whats got into him!
Drake: Yeah me either....but ohh well enough of worrying missy you need to relax or this ankle aint gonna get better
Nicki: Hmmm true.....
He grabbed her leg gently, stood up and placed it back on the chair. He went to walk out the room.
Nicki: Where you going?
Drake: Toilet, is that aloud mother?
Nicki: ha ha yeah but your coming back right?
Drake: Yeah of course queen Nicki! (he smiled)
5 minutes later he came back, he started walking towards another chair in the room, he wanted to sit next to her but he didnt no how she would feel about that. Nicki slammed her hand on the seat next to her.
Nicki: Sit here? Im not gonna fucking bite am i?
Drake: I dont no, sometimes when you go a bit crazy i get scared you might!
Nicki: Ohhh ha ha just shut up and sit!
Drake: Yes boss!!!
He sat next to her, he felt her her head lay on his shoulder seconds after he sat down. he decided to put his arm around her back so her head would slide down to his chest. He started getting more confident and pulled her slighty closer to him, she smiled and cuddled up closer into his chest.
Nicki: Thankyou
Drake: For what?
Nicki: Everything 
Drake: Look Nicki before Sb interrupted i was tryna ask you if we could talk about things?
Nicki: Hmmmm what ya mean?
Drake: Dont play dumb you no what i mean (They both laughed)
Nicki: Well what is there to talk about at the moment?
Drake: Well i at least wanna no how long you gonna keep me waiting, i mean doing stuff like this aint helping the situation really is it?
Nicki: Like what?
Drake: Well ummm your cuddled up to me and ummm doyaa remeber our little elevator incident and then the night time texts?? Ring any bells?
Nicki: Ummmm yeah and? Doesnt mean anything.
Drake: Yeah okaay!
Nicki: (She lifted her head and looked up and Drake) Okaay drake what do you want me to say? The stuff you do to me drives me crazy, i loose my train of thought when im around you, you make me feel like i cant breathe, i get nervous when im around you, but then....i also get excited when i no imma be seeing you because you always seem to put a smile on my face, you never judge me on anything, you make me feel safe and secure, i can trust you, you give me a feeling no one has done before, i can be myself around you......i just dont no what.........
As she was trying to finish her sentence he grabbed her chin and pulled her lips against his. Before she could do anything they were caught up in a passionate kiss. One side of her wanted to pull away but the other side was much to stronger and stopping her. She was enjoying it, she wanted to have him there and then but maybe that was to soon. 

' Omg his lips are just OMG! So smoothe and lush and tasty and just wow!!! Omg i could kiss these all day....ummm woohhh where is his hand going?? Is he touching my thighs, ohh my god is he really tryna get his hands  where i want them??? Uhhhh make me come alive come on a turn me on, touch me save me life come on a turn me on, im to young to die come on turn me on!!! Haha why did i jsut think that??? Ohhh my god his hands....such a tease....i want him now!!!!'

Suddenly she felt his tongue slide in her mouth, she didnt mind she happily opened her mouth and gave him a taste of her tongue. She felt his fingers slowly moving up her thighs, it was driving her crazy and making her wet just by his gentle touch. She parted her legs slightly, he took that as confirmation and carried on. He reached her centre and started rubbing it gentley, her leggings and panties were only thin and he could feel through them that she was getting wet. This was the best she'd felt in ages, no man had ever gotten her this wet so quickly...she wanted him now! He was so amazing, he new exactly what to do and how to do it, she didnt want it to stop. She started letting out slight moans which just turned him on evan more. He stopped and started moving his hands further up until he reached the top of her leggings. He didnt no if this is what she wanted but it was worth a try....he didnt see her complaining so far. Just as as he was thinking about doing it Nicki was getting bored waiting for him to touch their kiss depended she grabbed his hand and slowly guided it down her panties. He didnt mind, now he new for definite that she wanted it. He started rubbing her centre and playing with her clit causing her to moan evan louder, 
this turned him on more than he could imagine. 

'Fuck she's so wet!! I cant believe im getting to do this......what the fuck is happening, im now about to have Nicki fuckin Minaj.....only the girl of my dreams!!!! Wooohhh what the fuck is her hand doing, is she seriously now undoing my belt? Fuck this girl is amazing.....if i cant have her then i dont no what im gonna do!'

Nicki could feel how excited Drake was, lil Drizzy had now payed her a visit and she liked the look if him. She slid her hands down and started teasing him by stroking it gently over his boxers, if was gonna tease so was she. Nicki gasped as she felt him slide a finger inside her, she was tight but thats the way Drake liked it. They pulled apart from their kiss and looked at eachother....they stared for a few seconds before smiling. Nicki bit her bottom lip and looked him up and down....she didnt care how bad her ankle was she wanted to get on top of him, she swung her leg up and over so she was now siting on his lap facing him. After a few seconds of staring they met eachothers lips again. Drake started to move his fingers a little faster in her causing her moan more. Just as Nicki was about to slide her hands down his boxers the door swung open. Nicki and Drake pulled apart and looked up at the door.
Drake: What the fuck are you doing here????

Im so sorry it took so long to post this chapter barbz.....been busy busy busy lately but i hope you like this and i want ya'll to tell me what you think :) Now this is where the story starts getting interesting......Who is standing at the door??? Can any of ya guess??? And ummmm what do you all think of Nicki and Drake getting it on a bit there in the dressing room??? Hehe love you barbz....thankyou for all the love and support your all so amazing and sweet!!!

Muuuaaahhh.....(xx) *Barbiee loveagee* (xx)


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    1. Hehe i no i have to make Drake a cutie because he is!!! :) and yeah safaree dont wanna be messing round with our mama coz the barbz fight back!!! and well i was gonna do it just as far as the kiss and then the door swing open but then i got carried away and actually though that sounded better :) I should be posting mid next week time :) x

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    1. Yeah i no but trust me it will all come together in the next few chapters and you'll see that maybe sb isnt the person you think he is hmmmmm :)x

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