Sunday, 10 June 2012

Chapter 6 - If i cant have you no one can

(While Nicki and Drake were in her dressing room)

Sb sat in his car thinking about Nicki. He couldn't believe that she was putting Drake before him. She had never spoke to him like that before, it seemed as though Drake had a hold over her that he couldn't brake. After everything he had done for her and she just throws it back in his face. He never really liked Drake that much, he only kept the peace for Nicki's sake, and he new Drake wasnt to keen on him either. All he wanted to do was go see if she was alright and he finds Drake giving her the attension that he should be giving her. He was so angry, it should be him in there giving her a foot massage and keeping her comfortable not Drake. He needed to do something to make Nicki his, he wanted to prove to her that he could be the man that she needs, the man to keep her safe and secure, the man that could show her real love. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He didnt want them to be 'just friends' anymore. He sat thinking for a little while longer, he then thought of how he could get to Drake, he pulled out his phone and dialled a number.
Sb: Hey whats good?
???: Why are you calling me?
Sb: Need a favour.....and i think you would be willing to help.
???: Why would i help you?
Sb: What if i told you it was something to do with a certain person you no by the name of Drake?
???: Hmmmm go on.......
Sb: Ok im going to say three words......Nicki........Drake.......Flirting........
???: Ohhhhhh???? and ummmm what would you like me to do about that?
Sb: Well when certain rumours have been flying around that you tryna dip you fingers back in lake Drizzy i would think you would want to help me sort this little problem out?
???: Ohhh really? and where have these little rumours sprung from?
Sb: Cut the crap you no exactly what im talking about 
???: Haha 
Sb: Sooooo......your in Toronto now right?
???: Yeah im staying at the Fairmont Royal hotel.....
Sb: You busy now?
???: Hmmmm depends?
Sb: Well im like half hour about i come get cha and we have a little chat?
???: Ok....this better be good i aint got time to be wasted
Sb: Ohhh its worth!
Sb hung up and headed for the hotel. He new this was the only way to get Drake away from Nicki. He wasnt going to stop until he got the woman that he wanted, he needed to show her how he felt. The whole drive he thought about Nicki, it made him happy when he pictured her beautiful face. Everything about Nicki was perfection in his eyes. As he arrived at the hotel he text ???. She was out the hotel and in the car within 5 minutes. 
Sb: Hey
???: Yo you aint seriously now gonna try small talk to me, thats not what im here for. So what the fuck is going on? You telling me that whore is tryna take my man? Haha i dont think so!
Sb: Yo i no you dont like Nick but theres no need for that!
???: Ohhhh sorry lover boy.....i dont like the woman aint my fault!
Sb: Yeah fair play but she aint no whore!
???: Hmmmm okaay whatever you say....evan though shes trying it on with my man? Take me to him!
Sb: Ummmm i dont think thats a good idea?
???: Okaay listen you want your girl yeah? You wanna show her the world and be all cutey lover boy with her? (sarcastic) 
Sb: Okaay i wouldnt go that far but yeah?
???: And i want my man we cant have them while they spending time together being all cuddled up and all that take me to him and i'll show what hes missing.....theres no way any other woman can satisfy him the way i can, especially NICKI MINAJ!
Sb: Look i aint evan gonna argue with ya on this one but i aint playing no muthah fucking part in this tonight
???: Your already a part of it sweetheart, you made the call to me so your in this just as much as i am
Sb: Yo whatever man!
???: So shhhhhhh and more talking i need to think
The car journey was silent. Sb really didnt like ??? that much, he hated the way she dissed Nicki all the time. He new she hated Nicki but now he was getting worried that she might do something to hurt Nicki, thats not what he wanted. He new this was what he had to do though, if anyone could help him it would be ??? no doubt about it. ??? had a constant smile on her face the whole journey, she had always hated Nicki, when her and Drake were together before she always felt Nicki was in the way. If Drake would get a call from Nicki he would go running, when Nicki was around them he would concentrate on her more.....everything always seemed to be about Nicki. But not this time, she wasnt going to allow it.

' Not this time BITCH! No whore takes my man from me, especially you NICKI MINAJ! Drakes mine, he always has been and he always will could anyone like someone like you anyway.....look at you..... opening ya legs to someone elses man......WHORE! ' 

As they arrived in the car park at the back of the venue all they could see was paparazzi everywhere.
???: Ohhh great i can see the headlines tomorrow!
Sb: What?
???: Well think and you in your car arriving at the place where ohhhh Nicki Minaj and Drake just happen to be.....can you see it now?
Sb: Ohhhh
???: Ohhhh fuck em.....let em talk because this time next month the headlines will be saying how perfect me and Drake look again.....and maybe you and Nicki aswell hmmmm? 
Sb: Yeah if this works
???: Ohhh it will....i dont play nice when it comes to my man! *whispers* that bitch is dead!
Sb: What?
???: Nothing
Sb heard exactly what she whispered but he wasnt going to say anything, he new this was the only person that could get Drake away. But he wasnt going to let anything happen to Nicki that was for sure. 
???: Ok so where is he then?
Sb: Nicki' dressing room
???: Wohhhh and you left them in there? On there own??? I aint liking the sound of this already! Right lets go
Sb: No im waiting here....Nicki hates me enough as it is tonight
???: Uhhhh whatever pussy! I'll do it myself.....dont evan think about driving of anywhere coz yo gotta take me back....
Sb: Got cha! *whipsers* Whore!
???: What?
Sb: Nothing
She gave him a look that could kill, so he gave her one back. She got out the car, smashed the door shut and headed inside. She didnt have a clue where she was going but she didnt want to talk to anyone, she could feel people looking at her weird already. 

' Fuck they all looking at? What the fuck have i done wrong? They should be giving that little man stealing whore the look maybe??? Where the fuck is her dressing room....its like a maze round this place.....i swear if  her hands are on him shes dead! '

She looked around for another couple of minutes, just then she saw a door to her left with Nicki's name on it.

' Okaay, we gotta play this cool, i cant go waltzing in there and kick of......wait what the fuck? Is that moaning i hear? Haha nahh i dont think so!!!! '

As ??? heard something was going on she didnt hesitate to walk in, she pushed the handle down and swung the door open......she couldnt believe what she was then seeing. She kept her eyes firmly on Nicki and they both swung their heads up at her. 
Drake: What the fuck are you doing here?

To be continued barbz........

Muuuaaahhh.....(xx) *Barbiee loveagee* (xx)


  1. Now I have a feeling that ??? Is rhianna

  2. Is ?? Nebby or Maliah or Erica Lee or Rihanna ??

    1. hmmmmm *martha's voice* dont no darling you will have to wait and see :) x

  3. Oh shit, this better not be Kyra! Post soon!