Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Chapter 4 - Fear and Jealousy

Sorry its taken so long barbz.....but finally finished it :) Hope youu like it!!!!!

'Wtf?? Did i seriously just read that right? Did he really just say that or am i imagining it? Omg Omg Omg what the fuck do i say back to that? I dont no what to say to him without sounding like a total buffoon! And we are performing tonight.....together.....how awkward is that gonna be? Oh im so confused i really dont no what to do'

Nicki sat wide awake on the bed staring at the text she just received from Drake. She didnt no how respond to him. She didnt even no what to think about the whole situation let alone do anything about it. She couldn't believe that all the stuff he said about this "mystery girl", that kinda made Nicki jealous, was about her anyway. She started to think about her and Drake being together. What would their lives be like? What would their family and friends think? What would their fans and the media think? How would it all work out with their busy schedule's? What about starting a family? What about getting married? So many things were running around her head at this point. She started to imagine it all. She looked at pictures of the 2 of them on her blackberry and saw how perfect they looked, just looking at a picture of him made her happy. She imagined how people would react if they were to get together, she new their family and friends would be ok with it. But what about the fans? What about the media? How would they react to them being together? She then started to dig deeper into it all.....she started to imagine what their wedding would be like.....a beautiful wedding on a Trinidadian beach with their loved ones sharing their moment for life. Then she imagined 3 beautiful children running around.....2 very handsome little boys just like their daddy and a beautiful little girl with major attitude just like her mummy. How perfect that life would be. All Nicki could do was smile to herself. If he could make her happy like this in her dream world then just imagine how happy she would be if it all happened. Just then her phone vibrated in her hand causing her to snap out if her daydream. It was another text from Drake....she had been so busy thinking about him she had forgotten to text him back.

~ Look Nicki i understand  if you need time to think, take as long as you want. When your ready i'll be waiting for you, i'll wait forever if i have to :) Please get some rest now though....we have a show tonight and i dont want you getting ill because you haven't had enough sleep....your fans need you at your craziest....i need you!!!! I'll see you there and gonna make sure we give them fans their moment for life haha :) Goodnight beautiful, sleep well <3 xxxxxx

' Omg why does he have to be so god damn fucking amazing??? And corny as well.... seriously moment for life?? That joke is getting so old now.....but gotta love him for it....wait did i just say that?? LOVE??? Omg i think im crazy!!! But maybe i do....i dont no....i think i might???'

Nicki sat for 5 minutes wondering whether to text him back or not. She decided not to, she didnt have a clue what to say to him, she new he would understand her not texting him back though. That's the one thing she loved about him he never pressured her to do anything and he understood if she wasn't comfortable with something. And it was good of him to give her time to think instead of rushing her into anything. But still she was dreading seeing him at the show that night. She didnt no what she was going to say to him. And it didnt help that she new she was going to have to give me another lap dance which she was worrying about. She grabbed Oscar and Elanor and pulled them into her chest to cuddle up to. It wasn't long before she felt her eyes slowing closing. She couldn't keep herself awake any longer.

*Drake room*
Drake laid on his bed thinking about Nicki....he thought about her alot but tonight was different because now he new that she felt the same way as him. He couldn't get her out of his mind. All he wanted to do was go over to her room and hold her in his arms until she fell asleep, he wanted to hold her close to his heart and let her no that she was safe and loved. He wanted to show her  how serious he was. But he new she needed time to think about things. Evan though she admitted that she liked him he new deep down inside she was a fragile girl that had been hurt a lot in her past relationships. He understood and respected that she needed time, he didnt want to rush her into anything until she felt comfortable. He laid there flicking through pictures of him and Nicki on his Blackberry. By looking at the pictures it looked like they were already a couple. In all the pictures they both looked so happy around each other, just her smile brightened up his world and his phone was full of her smile. He smiled as he found a picture of Nicki and his mum together, they were the only 2 woman he needed in his life, they both such beauty in his eyes. It was a bonus that Nicki and his mum got along so well, his mum loved Nicki....she was already classed as part of the family and his mum secretly always wished that one day they would be a couple and share a life together. So he new that if him and Nicki did get together his mum would be the first to approve. Drake had been thinking so much about Nicki that he had lost track of time, it was now 5am and he had a performance that night. He needed all the rest he could get. This performance had to be perfect. 

*Nicki's room*
It was 11am...Nicki didnt usually lay in but she had such a late night she needed the sleep. She woke to the sun beaming through the curtains on her making her skin glow and glisten like an angel. She got up and done her usual morning routine, brush teeth, shower, makeup, hair, get dressed, you no the usual. She was getting ready to go shopping, She had never been shopping in Toronto but Drakes mum had told her that its amazing and shed love it so she thought she would check it out. She needed some time just to be her and not worry about things, she needed time to think about things. Mainly to think about the situation with Drake, she new she wanted him but was she ready to commit herself? And what better way than shopping to chill you out? She didnt feel like going all crazy with her outfit so she decided to tone it all down for once. She put on a pair of tight fitted jeans that shew her curves beautifully, a black t-shirt with Barbie written across it, a black leather jacket and some thick heeled ankle boots. She kept her makeup quite natural with just a little bit of powder, eye liner (on the water line) and thin mascara and of course adding her Mac pink nouveau lipstick that she cant live without. She tied her hair up into a messy bun, she didnt feel like a wig or extensions. As she was putting her pink friday chain on she heard her phone vibrating on the bedside table. It was SB calling her.
Nicki: What??
Sb: Ohh well hello to you to!
Nicki: Yeah hi, what do you want?
Sb: uhhh what happened to you calling me this morning?
Nicki: Ohh sorry daddy, didnt realise i had to fill you in on everything i do in MY life!
Sb: Well someone got out the wrong side of the bed this morning, sup??
Nicki: Nothing, im just tired....now what do you want? Im tryna get ready!
Sb: For what?
Nicki: Shopping.....you wanna come with?
Sb: Hmmmm do i want to come shopping? I dunoo i might....
Nicki: Look i aint got time to play your silly immature games....you either cumin (pauz) or you aint....but please hurry and make a decision i dont have all day!
Sb: Yo chill nick, i was joking! What is up with you?
Nicki: Nothing im fine....just stop being such an idiot all the time
Sb: Ohhh thanks love you to
Nicki: ohhh i aint got time for this....just hurry up and meet in the hotel lobby in 10 mins?
Sb: Oooo....
Nicki hung up, she new Drake was going to be around somewhere and she didnt want to bump into him. It wasn't the fact that she didnt want to see him, it was the fact that she wouldnt no what to say to him. 10 minutes later she basically ran to the lobby, luckily Sb was already there waiting for her. They went shopping for a couple of hours...Nicki treated herself and got some things from Betsey Johnson, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood and this crazy little boutique that she found. She got to sign a few boobs and take some crazy pictures with her fans. She loved interacting with her fans...especially when she wasn't in the best of moods....they always seemed to give her so much life and energy and make her so happy. It got to around 4pm and they decided to head back to the hotel, the show started at 8.30 so Nicki needed to get ready and doll herself up. It was the last show of the Femme Fatale tour and she wanted it to be perfect, she wanted to give her fans a night they would never forget. As they walked into the hotel lobby she looked up and saw Drake and 40 by the seating area. 

'Shit Shit Shit! Dont look over here, please dont look over here!'

Nicki grabbed Sb's arm and pulled him along as she jogged to the elevator telling him to keep his mouth shut. He was a bit confused as to why she didnt want to talk to Drake and 40? Just as she though she was safe 40 turned around and noticed them.
40: Yo!!!! Nicki??? Safaree??? (waving his hand them gesturing them to come over)
Nicki: (Still walking towards the elevator) hey, sorry cant stop gotta show tonight and you no how long i take to get ready!
As Nicki quickly glances at Drake he looked up, they got caught up in each others eyes, all they could do was smile at each other. Neither could get any words out. 40 and Sb looked at each other confused, they both new something was going on. Nicki and Drake were always so close so why all of a sudden are they acting like they meeting for the first time. 
Drake: See you tonight? (winking and and pulling his cheeky smile) 
Nicki: mmmmm ok (she smiled like a shy teenager)
At that point 40 and Sb new that something had happened....Nicki and Drake never acted shy around each other...if anything they were more confident with each other than anyone they new. They all got in the elevator together as Drake and 40 needed to go up to Drakes room to sort out some business. That had to have been the most awkward moment of all of their lives. No one said nothing. Nicki and Drake were both praying that the elevator wasn't going to break down again....they didnt want a repeat of being stuck for 4 hours again! *DING* The elevator stopped on their floor...they said their goodbyes and went their separate ways. Nicki and Sb went to Nicki's room where her whole ante-rage was waiting  for her, she had clothes, wigs, makeup and food laid out in her room.
Nicki: Wow let the makeover begin....ohhh and eating!
They all laughed. Everyone new how much Nicki loved having all her food laid out for her while she was transforming from Onika Maraj to Nicki Minaj. While everyone was laughing and joking around Sb couldn't help but wonder, he wanted to no what was going on with Nicki and Drake but he didnt want to ask her because anything he seemed to say lately was pissing her of. He new Nicki and Drake had this whole flirty thing going on but he's never seen them like that before, they are the last people to shy away from each other. 

' Nahhh Nicki wouldnt go for him would she??? She always says that its nothing more than a bit of fun when they are flirting and messing around. She hasn't started getting feelings for him has she??? I wish that she could see how much she means to me, i wish she could see how much i care about her, i wish she was mine! I wont let him have her, someone like his doesnt deserve such an amazing woman...he'll hurt her just like the rest!!!'

Sb couldn't stand the thought of Drake having Nicki, he couldn't stand the thought of any man having her for that matter. He wanted her, and he was going to have her no matter what it takes. Evan if that meant getting rid of Drake some how he would. Just then he thought of the perfect person to help him!

So what youu think barbz??? Who doyaa think SB is gonna get involved??? Doyaa think Nicki and Drake are gonna find out what hes up to??? What doyaa think is gonna happen between Nicki and Drake, are they gonna get together or is SB gonna come up with a way to stop them???

Muuuaaahhh.....(xx) *Barbiee loveagee* (xx)


  1. Loved it. Need a new chap. Pronto.

    1. haha thanks :) wooohhhh i only just posted this one lol :) il try get it up as soon as i can babe x

  2. Finnallyyy!!!!!! :D Felt like i was Waiting forver for yhu to post! :p Anywayss I Realli love yhur writings/ Story!! i check everyday to see if you posted. Im Hooked :p i Just think Drake and Nicki are so Adorable in this. Like I think its cute how they were all shy around eachother after the while Elevator Thingy! :D icant wait to see what happens Next! Pleasee Poost Soon!! :)

    1. I no im sorry it took me sooooo long....damn coursework getting in the way lol :) Yeah im tryna make Nicki and Drake as cute as possible but obv gotta have some drama so just gonna have to see what happens with the whole SB situation :O Yeah next chapter will be up by the end of the week :) x

  3. Finally u posted! This was very good barb! I like how u were able 2 show wht the other was thinkin & Yess Mama Sandi loves Nicki, which I find incredibly sweet! Drake & Nicki are soo cute when they're actin shy around each other! & here we go with the jealousy prt. Safaree needs 2 sit down somewhere & let those 2 b together! Can't wait 2 see wht happens nxt! Post soon! :)

    1. Awww thankyouu babe....yeah im sorry it took so long :( Omg how can mama sandi not love Nicki....how can anyone not love her?? Hmmm yeah Sb should but then whos this person he no's who can help him out???? :) Next chapter should be up by the end of the week :) x

  4. Yay thank youu so much for posting and I read your reply back to me about my dw question I am so freaking slow I swear and I love you too haha thank you for being sweet to the slow girl!:) can't wait until next post!:p

    1. Haha its fine babe......imma bit slow with most things so i no how ya feel lol :) x