Monday, 30 April 2012

Chapter 3 - Fighting feelings

The lights had gone out, all they could see was the white in each others eyes. Drake could see she was in pain, her eyes sparkled as she felt tears forming in them, she had hit her head pretty hard. The tears started falling down her cheeks, she didnt want to cry or make any noises of pain, she new it was to dark for Drake to see the tears and she didnt really want him to see. Neither of them could speak, even though they couldn't see anything they could feel how close their bodies were and they liked it. After 5 awkward minutes of silence in the dark the emergency lights came on, they weren't as bright at the main lights. 

'Shit you stupid lights! Why come on now??? I dont want Drake seeing me in this state, i look like a big cry baby, i only hit my head its not like im fucking dying and heres me standing here crying, GREAT!'

Nicki put her head down hoping that Drake wouldnt see her tears, but he noticed them. He put his hand under her chin and lifted her head so that they were looking directly into each others eyes. He didnt say anything to her, he smiled and wiped away the tears that were falling slowly down her cheeks. Then he pulled her into a passionate hug, she threw her arms around him and laid her head on his chest while he rested his head on hers. She loved when he held her like this, it made her feel safe and secure, no one could hurt her while she was in his arms, nothing mattered while he was holding her. She felt the tiniest smile appearing on her face, it didnt matter how much pain she was in, when it came to him she would always be able to show a smile. After a few minutes, which seemed like an eternity to them, they pulled apart from each other. He looked into her eyes and saw a certain sparkle in them, the sort of sparkle that only appeared when she wanted to smile. 
Drake: You alright?
Nicki: Yeah.....just feels like someone is constantly standing behind me banging me on the head.
Drake placed both his hands on her cheeks and kissed her forehead. Nicki could do nothing more than smile. 
Drake: You'll be ok, trust me.
He winked at her as he walked behind her. She didnt have a clue what he was doing but one thing she was sure of was that she trusted him 100%. Suddenly she felt his fingers slowly move in small circles around the top and back of her head.
Drake: How'z that feel? I aint hurting ya am i?
Nicki: (Closing her eyes) No that feels good.

' Wow how much more perfect can this man get? Omg hes so sweet to guy has ever made me feel the way Drake does! So why cant i tell him how i feel?........Why cant i have the guts to turn around right now and kiss him? Fuck it! Im gonna do it.....Im gonna do it.....Im gonna do it!'

Nicki tapped her foot up and down, she really wanted to turn around that second and kiss him but her body wouldnt let her, something was always stopping her.

'Seriously??? PUSSY!!!!! Omg iv been soooo busy thinking about Drake that i sort of forgot we are stuck in a fucking elevator....shit what we gonna do???

Nicki: Ummm Drake?
Drake: Ssssshhhhh just relax nick
Nicki: Well i would if we wasn't stuck in a fucking elevator!!!
Drake: Shit.....i completely forgot.....guess i got caught up in the moment.
He stopped massaging her head and walked towards the buttons in the elevator to call for help. He looked up at Nicki.
Drake: Time flies when your having fun hay *Winking*
Nicki: Ohhh you call comforting and massaging a big cry baby fun?
Drake: Yo so what if you cried? I heard how hard you smacked ya head, your only human and i probably would have cried to if it happened to me. And yeah i would call that fun....why dont you?
Nicki: First of all tone the cockiness down, second of all dont lie you just tryna make me feel better and lastly how could you possibly call that fun...i wouldnt call that fun!
Drake: Ohhhh sorry your Minajesty, and yeah ok i probably wouldnt cry i was tryna make ya feel better and regardless of what we are doing its still giving me the chance to spend some time with you...that's fun to me.
Nicki: You so corny no that??
Drake: Only with you baby.
Drake winked at her and pulled his cheesy grin that he new she couldn't resist, it made her heart melt every time he smiled at her because it was just so adorable and cute. She wasn't going to let her guard down though. 
Nicki: (English accent) Whatever drizzy!
Drake: Yo dont start going all English on me now.
Nicki: (English accent) I will do whatever i want.
Drake: Ohhh really?
He smirked as he walked towards her. She gave him a seductive smile back as she backed herself against the wall. He put his hands on the wall either side of her blocking her in. She hated when he done this, he was so tall and muscly so it intimidated her a little. But in some ways it was turning her on a bit this time. She put her head down and started giggling.
Drake: What you giggling for?
Nicki: You no i giggle when im nervous
Drake: Why you nervous?
Nicki: Because you are actually quite intimidating when you do thing like this.
Drake: Well then maybe this will teach you to listen to me next time. (he smiled seductively) 
Nicki: Excuse me i dont listen to no man....i follow my own rules thankyou very much.
Drake: Then we'll be doing more of this then wont we?
Nicki: Ohhh really? (Pouting her lips)
Drake: Yeah....but somethings telling me you like it.
Nicki: Well somethings telling me your full of it!
Drake laughed then walked back over to the elevator buttons to get help. Nicki stayed backed up against the wall in silence. 

' What the fuck just happened? Was he just flirting with me? Omfg hes so hot!! Why cant i be a normal person and just tell him how i feel?? Omg hes such a turn on!!'

Nicki stood there watching Drake as he tried to figure out how to get help. She could feel her thongs getting wet....she hated how he made her feel yet loved it. She wanted to have him there and then but she new she couldn't. She bit her bottom lip as she stared at him, he was so sexy! Drake finally found the help button...he pushed it but there was no answer.
2 hours had passed and still nothing they got no answer from anyone, they had no signal on their phones so they couldn't get hold of anyone. They sat opposite each other with their backs against the walls. Nicki found a little bouncy ball in her handbag so to pass the time they bounced the ball back and forth to each other. While bouncing the ball they played a game of truth where they could ask each other anything they wanted. They found out a few things they never new about one another. Like Drake never new that Nicki was the geeky girl of her school and she got bullied a lot or that she had a crush on Mystikal when she was younger or the fact that even though she doesn't show it haters really did get to her and sometimes she did just want to give up. And Nicki never new that Drakes favourite actor was Denzel Washington or that his dream job was to be a King magazine photographer or the fact that he has regretted most of the relationships he has been in because he has had his heart broken to many times now. They hadn't had a chat like this in ages , they were always to busy now days to do things like this so in some ways they both secretly happy that the elevator broke down. They loved moments like this where they could just talk about anything and everything with each other.....they felt so comfortable and they could always be themselves. 
Drake: So Nicki, what about men? You got a secret fella or someone you like? Or you just staying single pringle? 

'Why does he have to ask me questions like this? I want to tell him right now how much i love him but i cant bring myself to do it. Right imma play it smooth, i cant tell him yet, im not ready'

Nicki: Well there is......
Drake: (he cut her of) ohhh so there is someone?? well this just got a bit more interesting.
Drake was secretly wishing that she wasn't with anyone or even like someone else for that matter......he wanted her, he didnt want anyone else to have one else deserved such an amazing woman....he didnt even think he deserved her. 
Nicki: Yo you gonna lemme finish?
Drake: Sorry carry on.
Nicki: Well im not with anyone but i so sorta like someone maybe a tad bit, i dont no yet though, i dont even no if he likes me so just gonna have to wait and see.
Drake: Whats not to like? Im sure he adores you *smiling* So whats he like then?
Nicki: (her shy smile appeared) Well he has the most kindest and sweetest personality, he has always made me feel special, he can do or say one little thing and it will brighten up my whole day, i always feel safe and secure when im around him, he is always cutesy and cuddly with me, i can talk to him about anything because he doesn't judge me or make me feel like the decisions i make are wrong, he supports me in everything i do and i can trust him with every piece of my heart. 
She wanted to tell Drake she was talking about him but she couldn't bring herself to. Something was always stopping her letting out her feelings to him and she hated it.
Drake: Ohhhh (Looking disappointed) Sounds like a decent guy, but if he hurts you imma bust a cap in his ass! He need to be treating you like a Queen!
Nicki: Ohhh im sure he will *Smiling* So what about you? Anyone sweeping you of ya feet playboy?
Drake wanted to tell her that she was the one, shes all he ever thought about, shes all he wanted, she was pure perfection in his eyes. But after hearing that she was into some other guy it tore him apart a bit inside.
Drake: Playboy??? Whatever!!! And yeah sort of.
Nicki: Ohhh spill!!! I told so now you gotta tell.
Drake: Well she is the most beautiful, talented, sexiest woman i no. She has such a beautiful personality that would make any man fall in love with her. Shes the type of girl that turns heads when she walks into a room. I can talk to her about anything and she has always been there for me through the roughest of times. I can trust her just as much as i can trust my mum. She these beautiful piercing eyes that lure you in and make you fall in love with her every time you look at her. Her smile is perfect and brightens up my day every time i see it. Shes pure perfection in my eyes. 
Nicki wished he was talking about her, she felt hurt that she couldn't pluck up the courage quicker enough to tell him how she felt, she felt torn apart that some other girl had made me feel like this....she could see the love in his eyes when he was talking about this mystery girl. Little did she no he was talking about her.
Nicki: Awww well she sounds like a great girl and im happy that you have found someone who makes you feel like that....i can see she means a lot to you. But same goes for you if she hurts you in anyway imma go Roman on her ass!
Drake: I dont even no if she likes me yet....just seeing how things go really.
Nicki: Whats not to like? *Smiling* Im sure shes mad about you Drake....she'd be lucky to have someone like you.
Drake: haha ok thanks for being nice haha 
Nicki: What??? Im telling the truth!
Drake: Hmmmm ok :/ Yo seriously this is taking the piss now! We'v been here for 4 hours and no one in this whole hotel has noticed that elevator has stopped??
Nicki: To busy getting their dicks sucked or sucking dick... that's my theory.
Drake: Hmmmm ok il let your imagination run wild for a while.
They both laughed. As Drake got up to hit the help button again the elevator started moving. 
Drake: Finally!!!
Nicki: (Yawning) Yeah finally im beat....i aint even hungry anymore i just need sleep!
Drake: Join the club.
Nicki: Ohhh a club, where do i sign??
Drake: Ohhh ha....ha your so funny aint ya?
Nicki: NOOOO......Im fucking hilarious!
They both stood staring at each other trying to hold in their laughter but both failed and they burst out laughing. *DING* The elevator doors opened on their floor. They walked out and headed down the hall. Drake walked Nicki to her room before heading back to his. As they got to her room she jumped on on, through her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck while giving him a peck on the cheek. He rapped his arms around her to support her body.
Drake: Whats was that for?
Nicki: Thankyou
Drake: For what?
Nicki: For tonight, its not what we planned but it was still fun.
Drake: Yeah it was...hardly ever  see you anymore so it was good to catch up really...have to get stuck in an elevator more often.
Nicki: Ok the elevator bit wasn't time we gotta at least get stuck in somewhere that has food and drink now that would be heaven.
They both laughed, they always new how to make each other laugh and just have fun. They hugged and he pecked her on the cheek....paying back for the one she gave him. Both secretly wished they could kiss each others lips. She jumped down from his waist and unlocked her door to her hotel room ready to go in. Drake started to walk of.
Drake: ohhh Sb said to call him tomorrow morning, something about got some stuff to sort out.
Nicki: Yo his lazy ass can call me!
Drake: haha goodnight 
Nicki: Night
Nicki walked into her room and locked the door behind her. She was tired all she wanted to do was get to bed. She took a nice warm short shower constantly thinking about Drake. She wanted him in that shower with her right then. She was imagining all the things he would do to her and how good it would feel. It turned her on just thinking about it. She got out the shower and rapped her pink towel around her body. She looked at herself in the mirror, she brushed though her wet long black hair and let it hang down her back. She brushed her teeth and took her makeup of. She walked back through to her room and got ready for bed. She put on her neon pink thong and men's Bob Marley T-shirt and got into the king size bed. She rapped herself in the beautiful satin sheets and laid her head on the pillow. An hour had passed and still no sign of sleep was coming her way. She has spent the last hour tossing and turning, she couldn't get Drake out of her head. The night they had just shared had been so perfect, yeah it may have been spent in a broke down elevator but it didnt matter, she spent that 4 hours with Drake and that's what mattered. She decided to text him, hoping he would still be awake.

~ Hi, sorry if i woke you but i cant sleep :( xxx
~ Dw you dint wake me, wassup you ok?? xxx
~ Well i sortaa got some to tell ya :/ xxx
~ Nick wassup?? Talk to me xxx
~ Well you no i told you about that guy im into? xxx
~ Yeah? xxx
~ Well.....ummmm.....i was kinda talking about you :/ xxx
~ Well you no that girl i sorta mentioned to you? xxx
~ Yeah? :/ xxx
~ Well i spent 4 hours stuck in an elevator with her tonight ;) xxx

So what you think barbz???? Now we getting to the real story.....these first 3 chapters were just teasers they no they like each other what you thinks gonna happen??? Ohhhh the suprise i got in store for all of you through this story haha :)
Muuuaaahhh......(xx) *Barbiee loveagee* (xx)


  1. They were too cute stuck in the elevator. I wish they would've kissed though...and I'm mad that you ended the chapter right there. -__- This was a good post and your story is coming along great. I can't wait to see what happens next. (: Post as soon as you can please.

    1. Well leaving it like that makes people want more.....if i would have ended it the way you all wanted me to then it wouldn't be as good :) Trust i have soooo many surprises in store through out this story your gonna love it! x

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    1. awwww thankyouu barbz means alot :) I honestly didnt think this story was that good because this is the first time iv ever wrote something like more into writing poems than stories so i didnt think id be getting the outcome that im getting and i really appreciate it :) Chapter 4 will be up saturday hopefully :) x

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