Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Chapter 1 - Dance on me

This is the moment he'd been waiting for. This is the moment he'd always longed for so desperately. This was going to be his moment for life. Drake stood anxiously backstage at the Femme Fatale tour in Toronto as he watched Nicki prance around the stage performing Superbass. He loved her energy. He loved the way she connected with her fans on stage. He loved the way she moved, rapped and danced. But more importantly he loved the beautiful smile that was constantly on her face when she was in the presence of her barbz. He saw her dancers pulling out the chairs on the stage, he new it was nearly time. As soon as he stepped out he sat down and looked at Nicki, not even realizing how crazy the crowd was going for him, his eyes met with Nicki's and they smiled at each other. All he could do was stare at her smile, but it was different, it was as if she was meeting him for the first time. She looked super shy but that didnt stop her looking beautiful as ever. If anything that made him love her even more noing that she was a little shy. At this point he was getting excited because he new exactly what he was gonna get of her. The fans were going crazy because they new exactly what she was going to give him. Nicki started to walk towards Drake, still keeping firm eye contact while smiling. As she went to walk behind him she winked while brushing her hand across his shoulder. As she stepped behind him he felt her hands go on both his shoulders. And even though he couldn't see her he felt her body move in such a smooth sexy way. 
'See i need you in my life for me to stay, no no no i no you'll stay, no no no dont go away, hey babeey'
He felt her moving around to the front of his body and suddenly her leg swung over his. He was hypnotized, her body moved in a way that made him want her right there and then. He watched her as she pumped her body against his. This was his moment, all he could think of was how amazingly sexy she looked, he was scared that lil drizzy might make a suprise appearance. Nicki new he was enjoying it, she could tell by the way his eyes were following her body movements, that just made her want to tease him even more. 
'Boy you got my heartbeat running away, dont you hear that heartbeat coming your way, oh it be like boom badoom boom, boom badoom boom bass, cant you hear that boom badoom boom, boom badoom boom bass'
She leaned over his lap, he put his arm under her back to support her body. She lifted herself up and rapped her arms around his neck, he leant back a bit and they were face to face with each-other. They both smiled and then she kissed him on the cheek, noing that to the fans it actually looked like they kissed on the lips. Everyone was going crazy! At that point all Drake wanted to do was grab her by the waist and pull her in the for the kiss he'd always wanted from her. He sat on the chair behind her as he watched her finish of the song, he loved how fun she made the concerts for her fans, she was always prancing around and having the time of her life. This was the best night of his life so far.
It was now the end of the show and everyone was getting ready to leave to go back to the hotel. 
Nicki's dancers: Bye Nicki, see you tomorrow.
Nicki: See ya tomorrow girls, great show tonight, you all looked amazing!!! muuuaaahhh *blows them kisses* Love you all.
Nicki's dancers: Love you to Nicki muuuaaahhh *They all blew kisses back and waved*
At this point nearly everyone had gone back to the hotel. Nicki was in her dressing room taking of her make up, sorting her hair out and getting changed. Sb, Drake and Terrance were outside waiting for her. 
Sb: Yo seriously Nicki takes so fucking long, woman these days!
Drake: Haha tell me about, i should think you would be used to it by now though
Sb: Yeah but sometimes she really does take the piss, i want to be going soon so she better hurry that ass up!
Terrance: Im now going back to the hotel, i aint waiting any longer, this girl takes forver
Drake: Yo Safaree you can go back with Terrance if you want, il stick around and wait for Nick, its fine.
Sb: Yo you sure boy, your gonna be waiting here for ages on ya own
Drake: Yeah just go il be fine, i dont mind standing here for another 2 hours!
They all laughed.
Sb: Okay catch ya later mate, ohh and can you just tell Nicki to give me a call in the morning, i need to sort some things out with her.
Drake: Yeah sure man, catch ya later.
Sb and Terrance left. Drake new Nicki was going to be ages. He kept thinking maybe he should go to her dressing room, it would give him a chance to spend some time with her aswell. 20 minutes had passed and he decided to go to her dressing room.
*Knock Knock*
Drake: Yo Nick
Nicki: Yeah
Drake: Sb and Terrance have gone back to the hotel and well im kinda waiting on my own for ya, so do you think you could possibly hurry yo ass up??
Nicki was trying hard not to laugh.
Nicki: Oh Drake im so sorry, you can come and wait in here, i wont be long.
Without hesitation Drake went in and sat down on her little pink sofa. 
Nicki: Hey (Showing the most beautiful smile ever)
Drake: Hey you, whats taking so long?
Nicki: Sorry but i thought of some crazy new lyrics and i just had to write them down before i forgot them, you no what im like, business gal.
Drake: Ohhh can i hear them?
Nicki: NO!!! Your gonna have to wait like everyone else.
Drake: Ohh your so mean.
Nicki: I no, i wouldnt be Nicki Minaj if i wasnt a little mean now and again. 
She winked at him and smiled. Drake was confused alot of the time because he didnt no if she only thought of him as a friend or if she did feel anything for him. She always sending him mixed signals. But one thing was for sure, he was never going to give up trying to her.
Drake: So how long are you actually going to be?
Nicki: I just have to get changed and then il be ready.
Drake: Yeah but how long is that going to take you? I no exactly what you are like.
Nicki: Oi cheeky, i aint that bad! il be like 10 mins, is that okay for you?
Drake: It'll have to be wont it?
They both laughed. Nicki grabbed her clothes and went to change in the bathroom. Drake was thinking of ways that he could spend some extra alone time with Nicki. Maybe if he could just take her out she would see how much he cares about her and how perfect they are for each other. All he wanted was to call her his girl and treat her like the queen she is. He wanted to spend his life with her. He always imagined living in a huge beautiful house with Nicki, calling her his wife and having a couple of kids running around. That was the life he wanted, but is that the life Nicki would want with him? As Nicki stepped out of the bathroom Drake snapped out of his perfect day dream. 
Nicki: Okay im ready
Drake: Final.....
Drake couldn't finish his words, all he could do was stare at her, she was so beautiful. Nicki noticed this and was a bit confused.
Nicki: What?
He still didnt say anything he just kept staring.
Nicki: DRAKE!!!
Drake: Ohh shit sorry, just wow you look beautiful.
Nicki: Ummm thanks, but i have sweats on, no makeup, my hair is complete mess!
Drake: And thats when your most beautiful in my eyes.
He smiled as he walked towards her.
Nicki: Ohhh you so corny, why you so nice to me all the time? 
Drake: Because you are an incredible woman with so much going for you. You have a heart of gold and a beautiful soul. Everything you do is perfection. Your not afraid to be different and wacky. You have the most beautiful body. Everything about you is just beautiful.You are every mans dream girl. (He smiled) But the thing i love most about you is that beautiful smile that never fails to make me smile and think how lucky i am to no such an amazing woman.
Nicki  had a slight tear in her eye and suddenly she turned into shy Nicki again. She put her head down and smiled at the floor. She was speechless. He'd said sweet things to her before but nothing like that. 
Drake: Oi dont start putting your head down, i said i loved your smile so why are you now hiding it from me?
He smiled, he then put his hand under her chin and lifted her head so they were face to face with each other with perfect eye contact. She was still speechless but she wanted to show him how much he just brightened up her day and made her feel special. Suddenly she just just jumped and flung her arms around his neck and swung her legs around his waist, he rapped his arms around her so her body was supported. But now she didnt want to let go of him, and he didnt want to let go of her. She new she wanted him, she has wanted him for a while but she was scared. What if they got together and then something bad happened, she could loose him forever, thats something she never wanted to happen because he was always the person who managed to make her smile on bad days. He was the person who has always supported her through everything. He was the person who made her feel safe and secure when she was most scared. She new he was a decent guy and he would treat her right but she was confused about so much. She finally let go of him. 
Nicki: You hungry?
Drake: Yeah.
Nicki: Tell you what how about we head back to the hotel, buy one of the films from the tv in my room and order room service? We hardly ever spend time together anymore because we so fucking busy, would be good to just hang out, what you think?
Drake: Yeah sounds good to me (he was smiling) 
Nicki: Awsomeness, lets go then because im starving! My tummy is starting to talk to me.
Drake: Your so weird.
Nicki: Yeah but you love it (she winked at him and gave him a cheeky smile)
Drake: Yeah i no.
They both cracked up laughing. Nicki grabbed her stuff and they headed out to Drakes beautiful Black Mercedes. Drake was such a gentleman, he opened the car door for Nicki, she smiled at him as she got in. He then walked round the drivers side and got in the car. He noticed she was shaking.
Drake: Cold?
Nicki: a little.
Drake: Here take this (He took of his jacket and passed it to her)
Nicki: Awww you are such a little sweetheart, thankyou Drake.
Drake: Haha you welcome, anything for you.
All Nicki could do was smile, all she could think about was what an amazing guy Drake was. And all Drake was thinking was what an amazing smile, she must be an angel send down from heaven because only heaven could produce such beauty. They both snapped out of their day dreams and headed to the hotel.

Okaay barbz so what doyaa think???? Doyaa want me to carry on???? Muuuaaahhh......(xx) *Barbiee loveagee*(xx)


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