Monday, 23 April 2012

Chapter 2 - Awkward night

The car journey to the hotel was quiet. Both Nicki and Drake wanted to speak but neither new what to say. Drake thought to make it less awkward he would put the radio on. Just as he did 'Moment for life' was playing. They turned to each other and smiled. Nicki burst out singing.
'I wish that i could have this moment for life, for life, for life, coz in this moment i just feel so alive, alive, alive'
The thing is the words she was singing were true, she really did wish she could have this moment for life. Even though neither of them were speaking it still felt perfect to her. Just being around him made her happy. He done something to her that no man has ever done. He made her feel like she was the only girl in the world. Just then drakes verse came on, she rapped along with it. He loved when she sang along to his songs. He loved her was so beautiful. He was so mesmerized by her voice that he almost lost concentration on the road. All he could do was smile. Nicki noticed this, she new he was smiling at her. Suddenly she felt a gush of butterflies through her stomach. Her hands started to sweat. She felt a hot flush coming on. She started to feel nervous.

'Omg what the fuck, why are you being like this Onika, stop it now!!! Why all of a sudden is he making me feel like this? Oh no i cant be, please dont be happening, i cant let this happen, hes my best friend, i no i like him but theres no way i can be falling for him....right?'

Drake noticed Nicki fidgeting and she seemed to have a distant look on her face like she was confused or worried. 
Drake: Everything ok??
Nicki didnt respond, she just kept staring out the window. He turned the radio of hoping to get her attention. 
Drake: Nicki???
Still he go no response from her. 
Drake: NICKI??? 
As he shouted her name he tapped her leg which made her nearly jump out of her seat.
Nicki: Fuck, you tryna give me a heart attack boy?
Drake: Well i did try to get ya attention but someone was to busy in lala land (Pointing to her head smirking)
Nicki: (English accent) Actually its known as the Pink Palace darling
Drake: Ummm ok.....soooo whats this pink palace like?
Nicki: (Still English accent) Well drizzy first of all everything is PINK, all my barbz, kenbarbz, lambchops and ladybugs live there with me, we all have either a pet dragon or dinosaur to protect us just incase the evil Roman Zolanski decides to try take over our palace. We have very sexy servant men at our every need, ohhh and there is a beautiful lake outside the palace where we have people surfing, skiing and speed boating. Hmmm what else (tapping her knees) Ohhh we have crazy little elves, fairys, pixies, unicorns and whatever other fantasy creatures that like to play games all the time. There is a crazy theme park with the most mental rides you have ever seen, that's everyones favourite place to go, hmmmm ohhhh we all love to eat cranberries, almonds and i always have my sexy servants making us chicken dishes. Obviously we are all dolled up and look like barbie and ken dolls. Ohhh we eat loads and loads of chocolate and never put on weight. Over 18's drink our lovely margaritas and then under 18's drink fruit punch. Its just stress free and a fun place to be. (she was smiling at this point)
Drake: Ummmm you do realize that you aint right in that head of yours yeah??
Nicki: (English accent) I dont have a clue what you are talking about drizzy....i think that all sounds perfectly normal.
She tried to keep a straight face but it just wasn't working, she burst out into laughter along with Drake laughing like crazy.
Drake: Omg you are so weird, you do worry me at times, but i would love to get inside your head to see what goes on up there.
Nicki: Well aint that nice to no you worry haha and i just told you what goes on up there why on earth would you want to get inside my head?
Drake: Because that world sounds like fun, id like to be a part of it.
Nicki: Hmmm well maybe you can one day but there is certain things you have to do to get into this world mr (Winking at him)
Drake: Oh yeah and what would these certain things be then?
Nicki: Hmmmm stay tuned hahaha 
Drake: Your so cheeky 
Nicki: Haha i no but thats why you love me right? (pulling a cheesy grin at him)
Drake: Hmmm yeah plus the many other reasons (He pulled a cheeky smile back)
His smile made her heart melt, he had such a cheeky yet seductive smile on him. And what did he mean what were the other reasons. Now she was eager to find out what these other reasons were.... hmmmm?
Drake: Soooo is everything ok then because you looked a bit uneasy before you turned into a lunatic.
Nicki: Ohhh yeah, i was just thinking thats all
Drake: About what?
Nicki: Stuff that you little mind doesnt need to worry about.
She secretly wanted to tell him what she was thinking, she just wanted to shout out her feelings there and then but something was holding her back. 
Drake: Fair enough but you ever wanna talk then just gimme a all ears!
Nicki: Well your not just all ears are you? I mean you have a mouth, some eyes, a nose, hair, a bod........
Drake cut her of.
Drake: Ok haha very funny you so cocky at times! What i meant was if you ever need someone to let everything out to im here for you, i always will be.
Nicki: haha well thankyou drake but seriously whats with all this cute shit with me all of a sudden?
Drake: Ohhhh sorry for being nice, imma start being a dick to you now! Is that what you'd prefer your heinousness??
Nicki: Well no obviously not!! I just meant its weird that's all.
Drake: Well get use to it (he shot her a quick smile, she bit her lip and put her  head down)

'What does he mean by that? Get used to it? Is he planning something i dont no about? Arrrhhh i hate being confused!!! I really want to tell him how i feel but i cant. What about if he doesnt feel the same then thats gonna make me look like a complete fool! Why Why Why??? Why does he have to be so nice to me all the time??? Why does he have to be so perfect???

Just as she snapped out of her drizzyness they arrived at the hotel. 
Nicki: Uhhhh finally my stomach is literally screaming at me to feed it and trust me it doesnt sound good :/
Drake: You really do scare me sometimes
Nicki: Ohhh how can someone as coot as me scare someone like you?? I aint no scary muthahh fucking just a nice iccle barbie girl that needs her tummy fed soon if not she gonna be having a hissy fit, and thats something you dont want to see my friendling.
Suddenly an evil smile formed on her face.
Drake: See what i mean now how is what you just said and done normal....its like Roman is tryna fight his way out and you tryna hold him back....yeah its a little scary haha
Nicki: Boy shut yo mouth, if you dont wanna be seeing Roman we better be heading inside so i can feed my starving self.
They looked at each other seriously for a matter of 10 seconds before both bursting into laughter. They got out the car and walked into the big glass door entrance to the hotel. As they walked to the elevator Nicki could feel people staring and pointing at them. It made her feel uneasy and angry. She new tomorrow some sort of story to do with the pair of them would be going around. The got onto the elevator, they were the only ones in there. They head up to the top floor.
Nicki: Uhhhh i hate when people do that!!!!
Nicki looked super angry and Drake was a bit confused to what she was talking about.
Drake: What??? 
Nicki: Didnt you see all those nosy muthahh fuckers  staring and pointing at us muttering things under their breathe? Uhhh that bugs me sooo much because now i just no theres gonna be a nice little story going around about the pair of us tomorrow, i can just imagine it.....ohhhh Nicki Minaj and Drake reported going into hotel together blah blah fucking blah!!!! Arrrhhhhh!!!
He could see her getting worked up about it all and it worried him. He walked towards her and put his hands on her upper arms. She looked up at him.
Drake: Right listen to me Nicki, so what if there are silly little stories, we no the truth and that's all that matters. You no what the media are like, they will try make a story out of the most smallest things. But you aint alone im here by your side and if stories happen to pop up we'll face them together.
He pulled her in for a hug. All Nicki could do was smile, he always new how to make her feel better. She felt safe and protected when he was around. Drake was taking in the sweet scent of Nicki, she smelt soo good, he loved  how her body felt against his.

'Seriously why cant i just pluck up the courage and ask her out, whats the worst that could happen? Why does she do this me?? She drives me crazy i wish i could just call her my girl and just hold her like this forever?? I could keep her safe, i could make her feel like she is the only girl in the world, I could give her anything and everything! Shes my world and i she doesn't even no it, how can i tell her how i feel??'

Neither of them wanted to let go but they eventually did, just as Nicki was about to say something *BANG* The elevator stopped and jolted forcing Nicki against the wall hitting her head hard and forcing Drake against her.

Soooo Nicki and Drake stuck on the elevator alone.....what's gonna happen???? Lemme no what youu think barbz :) Muuuaaahhh.....(xx) *Barbiee loveagee* (xx)


  1. I think there gonna tell eachother how they feel cuz they think they gonna die

    1. ohhh you may be right barbz hehe :) Chapter 3 will be up on friday :) x

  2. AHHHH!!!! They need to be together. this is the perfect time to tell him. Great Chapter, Post Soon!

    1. Hehe :) Thanks barbz and next chapter should be up friday :) x

  3. i like it somethings gonna happen in that elevator post soon

    1. yep something is gonna happen in the elevator but what??? Hmmm think....1....2....3 do the Nicki Minaj blink *flutters eye lashes* x