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Chapter 8 - Please dont leave me

Okaay so i no i said last month that it would only take me a couple of days to post again but if you all read my other blog i have now started you will see why i have been so busy.....and if you havent read it well i have found out that im pregnant so things have been going a little bit crazy!!! But finally here is the next chapter for you all and i hope you enjoy it :)

Drake: SB get to the fucking hospital now!!!!
Sb: Why whats happened?
Drake: Nicki's been hurt just hurry!!!
As soon as SB heard them words come from Drakes mouth he new it was something to do with Maliah, who else would want to hurt Nicki. Maliah was always the jealous type and if someone tried to take what is hers she would make sure they pay!
Sb: Shit what happened?
Drake: Look haven't got time to explain just get up here now!!!
Sb: Okay im on my way, be as quick as i can!
He quickly hung up and jumped into his car, he was shaking, this was all his fault, if he would have stayed away from Maliah none of this would have happened and Nicki would be okay. He picked up his phone and dialed her number.
Maliah: Ohhh hello there darling 
She new exactly why he was calling but she didn't want to give anything away.
Sb: what the fuck were you thinking? How could you do that?
Maliah: (sarcastically) Ummm what are you talking about exactly???
Sb: You no exactly WHO i am talking about!
Maliah: Ummmmmm......nope sorry no ideas.
Sb: One word.....NICKI???
Maliah: Awww has she upset you again???
Sb: Don't play your sill pathetic games Maliah, how could you hurt her?? I should have never trusted you in the first place i always new you were a nasty bitch i don't no what i was thinking talking to you again!     
Maliah: Oh my god is that the time sorry busy busy busy gotta run haha!
Sb: MALIAH!!!        
Just as he shouted her name she hung up, he tried calling her back but her phone was switched off. 
Sb: BITCH!!!!!

Meanwhile Drake was pacing up and down the waiting room in the hospital praying that Nicki was going to be okay. He had already called Nicki's mum but as she was in Trinidad there was no way she could get there quickly so he told her to get back as soon as she could and promised that he would look after Nicki. Nicki's mum loved Drake, she always had because she always saw this bond between them, her and Drakes mum had always hoped one day that Nicki and Drake would be an item and maybe their dreams might just come true very soon. Nicki's mum trusted that Drake would look after Nicki, she felt at ease noing that Drake was there by her side. He had called Wayne as well, he was then on the way up to the hospital with Baby, Amber, Mack, Tyga and Lauren. They were all so worried so they wanted to get up there quick. Drake was shaking and breathing heavily, he didn't no what to do, he just wanted to be with Nicki holding her hand, holding her close to him, keeping her safe. Just then the doctor came in.
Drake: Whats going on? Is she okay? When can i see her?
Doctor: Sir please calm down
Drake: No im not going to fucking calm down, is she okay??
Doctor: Sir we cant say anything for sure yet, but she has taken a pretty hard hit to her head, we wont no anything until we run a few tests, she may have a minor brain injury but we wont no until we get the test results. But i can assure you she is in very good hands and we are doing everything we can.
Drake: What do you mean brain injury?? (Drake was looking worried)
Doctor: We are not yet sure but don't worry sir we are doing everything we can.
Drake: When can i see her? When is she going to wake up?
Doctor: After we run the tests you can go and sit in with her, it wont take us long but im not sure when she could wake up, it could be anytime from tonight till next week till next month we are just not sure.
Drake: (Getting angry) Not sure of much are you?
Doctor: Sir we are doing everything we can, we will no more when we get her test results back.
Drake: (his voice got softer) okay thank you doctor.
As the doctor left the room Drake sat down in one of the chairs and held his head in his hands, he could feel himself starting to cry. He wasn't the sort of person to cry, he hated letting out his emotions but when it came to Nicki he would let out his emotions fine. He was so worried about her he couldn't hold back his tears any longer. The thought of her having a brain injury upset him but as long as she was alive he didn't care, if she needed any help when she got home he would be there, he would evan move in if he had to. Nicki meant everything to him, he had never felt like this about any woman before but Nicki set of this switch inside him that made his heart beat faster when he thought about her. She's the one person in the world who meant just as much to him as what his mum did. His tears got stronger, he couldn't hold them back as they streamed down his face. A few minutes later Wayne, Baby, Amber, Mack, Tyga and Lauren walked in. Amber walked over to Drake and put her arms around him. Drake put his head up and gave a sad smile to everyone and hugged Amber back. 
Amber: How is she???
Drake: (Letting go of Amber) Ummm they don't no much at the minute, all they have told me is that there could be a chance that she could have minor brain injury because she has taken a hard hit to the head, and they are not sure when she is going to wake up.
Lauren: Brain injury?????
Drake: Yeah but they wont no anything till they get her test results back.
Wayne: Whens that???
Drake: I don't no 
Drake wiped his tears away, his eyes were all puffy and his face was bright red. 
Amber: Awww hun, i think this is the first time i have ever seen you cry, i no how much she means to you and im sure she will be fine, i mean this is our girl Onika Tanya Maraj we are talking about, she is the strongest girl i have ever met and nothing or no one beats her....shes a mother fucking queen she'll pull through you'll see!
Lauren: Well said Amber, she's right Drake, this is someone who we all love more than anything and we all no her better than anyone else, she is the most strongest person i have ever met i mean look at all the shit shes been through and shes still ruling this world being the baddest bitch, she'll be fine!!!
Drake: Yeah i guess your both right, she is strong, she always has been. I am so proud of her for everything she has been through and accomplished. Just makes me smile thinking about how much she has done to the world, all she does is help other people and make them happy, she is such an amazing girl, yeah she'll pull through, she'll be fine!
Evan though them words came out of his mouth he didn't believe what he was saying, he was still worried that she wouldn't be fine, all he ever did was worry about Nicki. Everyone looked at him with smiles on their faces, they all new he felt something for Nicki but they had never actually heard him sit there and talk about her like that and properly let out his feelings. 
Drake: I just want her to wake up already, i just want to see her up and well. But i swear when i find out who done this to her im gonna kill that mother fucker! No one hurts my girl and gets away with it!
Amber: Your girl huh??? Something you two aint telling us???
Drake: Well no....you no what i mean like she means alot to me and i think of her as my girl and you no all that good stuff.....nothing happened!
Amber: OMG what did you two do after the show??? 
Drake: Nothing....why you think that???
Amber: Hmmm no reason just you seemed like you meant about her being your girl.....its cool i believe you hun (she had a cheeky smile on her face and looked at Lauren, they both new something happened after the show)
Just then SB came running in.
Sb: Is she okay? (breathing heavily, out of breathe)
They all explained everything to him, he didn't no what to do or say or think. It was killing him because he new who did it, he new what had happened but he didn't want to say anything because it would make him look like the bad guy. All he could think about was Maliah, he hated her for this, how could she do this? Yeah he was mad that Nicki didn't feel anything for him and she wanted Drake but she didn't deserve this. 
Sb: So when can we go in and see her?
Drake: I don't no they just said after they have done the tests but i don't no how long that will take 
Sb: I just want to see her!
Amber: And you think we dont? Drake found her, he came here with her, he stuck by her side, we came up here and he was crying and you think that your the only one that wants to see her? Where were you when this happened? I thought your meant to be her little right hand man?
Amber never liked SB so any chance she got to have a go at him she would. She new that he liked Nicki but she new that Nicki and Drake had feelings for each other. Sb was the sort of person to mess that up. Everyone new that Nicki and Drake were an item so she wanted to make sure that Sb keeps his nose out!
Sb: Ummm she didn't want me around she would rather have gone home with lover boy, didn't mind getting his tongue down her throat but some how he  cant be there to protect her? hmmm seems funny at least i would be there to help and protect her, i would never let anything happen to her!    
Amber: Omg are you being serious you sound like a jelous school boy, you just cant face the fact that she doesnt want you can ya? You cant stand to see her happy around Drake!!! Do you no what yeah Drake may not have been there but i no in the back of his mind he damn well wished he was there because i no that guy wouldn't let anything happen to her! And ummm he had his tongue down her throat? Fucking good for him....glad something finally managed to happen between them without you butting in all the time! Grow up Sb and get over it already!
Sb: Just shut the fuck up you dont no what your talking about, keep your nose out of it nothing to do with you is it?
Lauren: Yo this has everything to do with us since Nicki is our best mate, always has been and always will be.....i dont give a fuck what you say mate how about keep your nose out because this is nothing to do with you! Its between Nicki and Drake and i hope and pray to god they end up together as soon as she gets out of this hospital because i no he will treat her like the queen she is! 
Sb: Im sick of you bitches....all you ever do is moan and wine about everything! Grow up your pathetic!!!
Wayne: Yo watch what you say to Nick's girls (He got in SB's face!) 
Sb: Get the fuck outta my face nigga!     
Suddenly everyone jumped in and started arguing and fighting, Drake couldn't take it. They were all meant to be up there for support for Nicki and instead they are all standing there arguing over something so pathetic.  Drake appreciated Amber sticking up for him though, she always did because she had always been Dricki number one fan and has always tried hooking the pair of them up. Drake couldn't take much more so he walked out the room, no one evan noticed that he had left. He headed for Nicki's room, just then he ran into the doctor.
Doctor: Oh sir i was then about to come speak to you.
Drake: Why whats happened is she okay?
Doctor: I was just coming to let you no that we have done the tests we are just waiting for the results so its okay for you to go and sit with her now. 
Drake: Oh thank god, you don't no how much i have been dying to get in there and sit with her!
Doctor: We try to encourage friends and family to talk to their loved ones because we it could possibly help them wake up sooner.
Drake: Yeah i can definatley do that.
Doctor: Great, if you see any changes come and find me.
Drake: Yeah sure.
Drake walked in and closed the door behind him. He saw her laying there, unconscious and looking all battered and bruised, but she still looked so beautiful to him no matter what. He pulled a chair close to her bed so he could be near her, he grabbed her hand, pulled it to his lips and kissed it softly. He saw a bit of hair was in her face so he tucked it behind her ear and then he placed a small peck on her lips. He sat back down and held her hand on the bed. 
Drake: Oh Nicki im so sorry, if i would have gone in with you none of this would have happened and we would have probably been sitting at home all cuddled up on the sofa watching a film or something. The one thing i always try to do is protect you and keep you safe but i have evan failed at that this time. I wish there was some way i could take all this pain from you and pass it on to me so it was me laying there instead of you. You don't deserve this, why would anyone want to hurt someone so beautiful. I wish we could be at home right now and i could hold you in my arms and keep you safe from everything. Everything just felt so right tonight like it was all meant to happen, im not just talking about the stuff we did but just realizing that we both feel the same about each other and now i no that i can work a bit more on making you my girl. There is just something about you, i can be myself around you and you make me feel complete, i have never felt like this about any girl before. We get along so well and we just seem so perfect for each other, i never wanted tonight to end. Or evan in the elevator the other night i never wanted that to end and when you told me how you felt my heart skipped a beat because i couldn't believe what i was reading. You seriously look so beautiful, you would probably hit me saying that but you seriously do baby. You always look beautiful no matter what!!! You are like an angel sent down from heaven, you shine brighter than the moon, stars and sun and you make my world a better place. When you around nothing else matters, i dont see anyone but you! (tears started falling down his face) Oh Nicki please wake up baby, please don't leave me, i need you, from now on i will protect you no matter what, i will always make sure that you are safe before i leave or i will hold you in my arms and show you what love and safety is. I will never let anything happen to you again, i love you Nicki and i mean that with all my heart!
Drake couldn't get anymore words out, he started crying again. He tried staying strong for her but he couldn't, he cared so much for her  and he just wanted her to be okay. He put his down on the bed and cried still holding her hand. After about 20 minutes Drake had fallen asleep. Suddenly Nicki's hand started twitching, and it kept twitching. Then her eyes started to flutter and opened slowly. She couldn't quite see and work out where she was because her vision was blurry. After about 10 minutes she started to get her vision back, she then realized that she was in a hospital. She noticed someone was holding her hand, she turned to her left and saw Drakes head laying beside her, he was fast asleep breathing smoothly. A small smile formed on her face, she sat up in her bed super slowly, because she was in a lot of pain, she couldn't stop staring at him. Out of everyone she no's Drake was the one person she would have wanted by her side, he looked so sweet and peaceful so she left him to sleep for a little bit. She ran her fingers through his hair as she kept staring at him smiling. She was so happy to see him there. 

Amber: Fuck this you lot im going to find Drake wherever he went .
Amber walked towards Nicki's room as she suspected her would be with her, before she went to open the door she peeked through the window, she saw Drake fast asleep while Nicki was playing with his hair. She couldn't believe it, Nicki was awake. She wanted to burst in the room and give her a hug but she didn't want to ruin this beautiful moment she was watching. Amber saw the smile on Nicki's face, that was the real smile that actually meant Nicki was happy instead of her pretend smile that she was so good at. All the years she had known Nicki no other man had ever got that smile but Drake had always received it, didn't matter about the situation Drake always managed to make her smile evan when he wasn't doing anything. Amber ran back to the waiting room. 
Amber: Guys shut the fuck up!!!! Nicki is awake!!!!
Sb: What????
Amber: Yeah shes awake, but ummm leave her for a little while. 
Lauren: Ohh why is Drake in there with her?
Amber: Yeah Drake is sound asleep and she is laying there playing with his hair smiling, she looks so happy, its so adorabubble.
Lauren: Aww how cute, such a perfect little couple. Yeah we should leave them for a while guys.
Sb: Oh typical, so when she wakes up and we are actually aloud in there we are not going in because lover boy is in there with her, tell you what im going to go home and you can call me when shes ready to see me.
Amber: Don't expect any calls then.
Lauren: Omg Safaree seriously?? Why are you being so childish for??? You can see her a bit later shes not going anywhere just let her and Drake have time together for once!
Sb: Oh Whatever!!!
Sb slumped down in his chair and turned away from everyone else.     
Amber: Ohh such a baby.... the main thing is Nicki is okay and we will get to see her when her and Drake have had their time together. 
Amber looked at Sb and gave him an evil glare, she wasn't going to let him ruin the beautiful moment she had just seen.  The rest of the were happy Nicki was awake.
Meanwhile back in Nicki's room she was still running her fingers through Drakes hair. He started moving about gently, she new he was waking up, he always done that when he was just waking up. He felt someones fingers on his head, he turned around and saw Nicki smiling at him.
Drake: Okay im obviously still asleep
Nicki: Dream about me a lot do you?? 
Drake: All the time baby, your my dream girl afterall.
Nicki: hehe your cute but corny 
Drake: How long have you been awake?
Nicki: Only like 20 minutes
Drake: Why didn't you wake me?
Nicki: Because you just looked so cute and peaceful and i didnt want to wake you plus you look so adorabubble when your sleeping i just had to watch you for a bit. 
Drake: awww....so you okay? How you feeling?
Nicki: Ummmm well i ache everywhere and im feeling super shitty and i dont evan want to look at myself because i probably look awful.
Drake: Oi thats enough you, you look beautiful no matter what!
Nicki: Shut up your just tryna be nice
Drake: No im telling the truth, you always look beautiful, your like an angel sent from heaven for me.
Nicki: For you? 
Drake: Yeah baby, il make you all mine one day!
Nicki put her head down as she smiled. Drake grabbed her chin gently and pulled her head back up. 
Drake: What have i told you, if your going to smile keep your head up so i can at least see your beautiful smile.
Nicki: Sorry but when you say things like that it makes me all nervous and shy i cant help it.
Drake: I make you nervous?
Nicki: Well yeah a little....
Drake: ohhh thats a sign of falling for someone when they make you nervous.
Nicki: Oh really??? Well who says im falling for you??? 
Drake: Didn't hear you complaining earlia (he winked at her then kissed her hand)
Nicki: haha your to cute sometimes....Drake i just want to say thank you for everything not a lot of people who do half the stuff that you do for me, your just to good to me, i dont no what i would do without you.
Drake: Aww anything for you baby!
They both smiled at each other, Nicki grabbed the back of Drakes head and pulled him closer to her face, before they new it their lips were nearly touching. They could feel each others breathe on one another. Neither could take anymore and then Drake grabbed the back of Nickis head and pulled her to his lips, they shared a passionate kiss for a couple of minutes before pulling apart. They smiled at each other. 
Nicki: (tapping the bed) Come lay with me??
Drake got on the bed and lifted his arm so she could lean into him, they wrapped their arms round each other and everything felt perfect again. He kissed her forehead lightly as she had a huge cut and bruise there. She smiled and cuddled in closer to him. 
Drake: (whisper) I love Nicki
Nicki: (whisper) I love you to Drizzy
They cuddled up close as they both smiled, Nicki had never felt so safe, Drake always made her feel like nothing could her when he's around. They both felt like this was a perfect moment that they never wanted to end. But neither new that someone was peeking through the window at them and this person didn't look to happy!

Okaay barbz so what did you think???? I no i kept you waiting a long time for this chapter but hopefully it was worth the wait.......I will try and post more often but its hard when i have coursework and now a pregnancy to worry about aswell. I love you lots and lots and thank you for sticking by me.
Muuuaaahhh.....(xx) *Barbiee loveagee* (xx)       



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