Monday, 16 July 2012

Chapter 7 - If i cant have you no one can part 2

Okaay barbz finally im so sorry it has taken me so long to post this chapter but after i sorted out all my problems my laptop decided to have a mind of its own and crash on me so it had to be taken in to be repaired but im back now.....hope youu enjoy barbz muahh.....(xx)

Nicki sat silently as she stared into the eyes of the bitch standing at the door.
???: Now now Drake thats not the usual welcome i get from you now is it? *She winked at him*
Drake: Maliah what are you doing here?
Maliah: I wanted to come see you baby, its been to long we need to catch up.
Drake: *Looking confused* We havent spoken in ages....why the sudden contact again?
Maliah: I no, i no....but i thought since we are in the same town we should go out for a drink or whatever you want to do? 
She smiled and looked over to Nicki who was already giving her the look.
Drake: Not to sound rude Maliah but im a little busy tonight, maybe some other night?
Maliah: Ohhh of course, you look really busy * She laughed* Well suppose i better leave you kids to it, you have my number so call me and we can meet up before you go back to LA, i really do look forward to hearing from you baby, maybe we could pick up from where me left of *She winked at him and licked her lips* 
Maliah took one last look at Nicki before walking out the door, Nicki was furious she wanted to jump up and kick that bitches ass but she had to hold herself back for Drake sake. Maliah turned and walked out the door and slammed it viciously. The whole room was silent and awkward, Nicki or Drake didnt no what to say or do, Drake looked at Nicki as her head was down, she was staring at the floor trying to keep her anger in. 

* Fuck sake man say something to her! This was all going to perfectly and then Maliah had to come in and ruin it, why is she here? I no what shes like, shes up to something but what? *

* OMG THAT BITCH!!!!! This was all going so perfectly with Drake then that whore had to come in and ruin it, Karmas a bitch and i hope it fucking kills her! *

Drake could see the anger building up on Nicki's face . She didnt want to get herself worked up, especially over someone like Maliah. She pulled herself up from Drakes lap and headed to the mirror. She looked at herself in the mirror and could see the tears building up, whenever she was angry she cried, Drake new this and could see that she was getting worked up. He stood up and walked towards he, her eyes were closed so she didnt notice. She felt his hands rap round her waist, he pulled her body closer to his until her ass was pushed up against his manhood. He started placing small pecks on her neck, a small smile started to appear on her face, it didnt matter how angry she was he always new how to make her feel better. He could feel her body relaxing with every kiss. He spun her around so they were face to face, he picked her up and sat her on the dressing table. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him closer to her body. They smiled at each other, he tucked her beautiful long black hair behind her ear and pulled her to his lips. They shared one of the most passionate kisses either of them have ever experienced. After what seemed like forever, it had only been 3 minutes, they pulled apart, Nicki could feel herself falling for him, she didnt want to but she couldnt hold back her feelings, he was perfect for her. He always treated her with respect and she loved the way his body felt against hers, she felt so safe with him and he made her feel like the only girl in the world. It was getting late and Nicki was getting tired, just as Drake was going to speak they heard at knock at the door, Drake quickly pulled away from Nicki as they smirked at eachother. 
Nicki: YEAH?
Sb: Nick its me, please let me in?
Nicki: Come in
Sb: *Walking in the room* Look Nicki im sorry about earlia, i hate argueing with you, i was in the wrong im sorry, can we just please forget about it?
Nicki: Safaree its cool, im sorry no what im like when im tired plus i hurt my fucking ankle, which is still killing like a bitch mind you, you wernt in the wrong i was, you were just being a good friend like you always are so thankyou for caring.
Sb: Wow that was easy, thought i was going to be begging and pleading for the next week like i usually do.
Nicki: Your lucky im in a good mood then aint ya because that would have been the case if not! You've got Drake to thank for that       

Sb: *Looking at Drake* Nice one mate, and sorry aswell
Drake: No worries bud, i no what you 2 are like and how close you are so i understand
Sb: Right Nick you coming?
Nicki: Where?
Sb: Ummm i dont no maybe back to the hotel drippy?
Nicki: ohhhh yeah i no i was just testing passed yayyy well done
Drake and Sb looked at each other and then at Nicki before bursting out laughing.
Sb: Weird one aint she Drizzy?
Drake: Yeah but thats why we all love her
Sb: Yep very true
Nicki: Okaay anyway no il be catching a ride with Drake if thats okaay with him?
Drake: Of course *he smiled at her*
Nicki: Awsome *she smiled back*
Sb: Okaay well its of to sleepy land i go so il call you in the morning Nick
Nicki: Okaay buffoon see yaa 
Sb: *He laughed* See yaa crazy lady, laters Drizzy mate
Drake: Laters bro
Sb left the room and shut the door behind him. Nicki jumped of the dressing table and walked towards Drake, she pecked him on the cheek and walked to the bathroom. 
Nicki: I'll just use the toilet and then we'll go yeah?
Drake: Yeah thats fine beautiful
She smiled to him then walked into the bathroom. Drake started to get her stuff sorted so it was ready for when she finished. She finished in the bathroom and walked out. 
Nicki: Just got to sort my stuff out then we can go
Drake: *passing her the bag* Already done it for you 
Nicki: Thankyouu are so sweet 
Drake: Anything for you Queen Nicki
Nicki: Haha sooo cheesy!
They both laughed as they walked to Drakes car. 
Nicki: Shit i left some makeup and my perfume in the bathroom, i didnt think to grab it when i was actually in there, i'll run in and get it i'll be like 2 minutes.
Drake: Okaay then i'll wait in the car for you so i can get it warmed up for when you get in.
Nicki: Awww you are such a babe
As Drake got in the car Nicki ran in to get her stuff. As she walked in she got a weird feeling that someone was following her, she turned around but no one was there so she didnt think much of it, she went into the dressing room and got her things. She looked in the bathroom mirror and smiled to herself, everything was going so perfect for her, she could actually picture herself being with Drake and having an amazing life with him. Suddenly she heard the door to the dressing room slam shut. She came out the bathroom hoping to see Drake, but when she looked up she saw the bitch she hated the most, Maliah!
Nicki: Maliah what are you doing in here?
Maliah: Think me and you need to have a little chat dont we?
Nicki: Ohhh really? Let me guess someones getting a little bit jelous so now shes come in here to try and talk me of Drake? Not gonna work sweetie!
Maliah: Haha me jelous? Just stay away from Drake hes mine not yours BITCH!
Nicki: Really? Well thats funny!
Maliah: Whats funny?
Nicki: Well ummm whos lips was he kissing earlia.....whos legs was his hands inbetween earlia....who was he texting the other night saying how in love he was with her? hmmm i think i may just pass this test because all the answers to them questions is fucking ME!
Maliah: Dont get cocky with me bitch, you dont no who your messing with! Hes just using you because he hasnt been able to get his hands on me!
Nicki: haha dont make me laugh...he wants a woman not a dirty whore who fucks with his head
Maliah: I didnt fuck with nothing.....i just fucked him....amazingly apparently!
Nicki: Omg please dont make me laugh.....just sort your life out Maliah he doesnt want you anymore so leave him alone
Maliah: Yes he does
Nicki: No he doesnt!
Maliah: Im gonna fucking kill you
Nicki: Ohhh scary!
Maliah: Your fucking dead!
Nicki: Funny i still look and feel pretty much alive 
Nicki gave her a sarcastic smile, that set Maliah off, she ran towards Nicki and grabbed her hair. 
Maliah: Awww baby gonna cry?
Nicki swung her hand up and grabbed Maliah's hair, they both lost their balance and fell to the floor. As Nicki was about to get up Maliah grabbed her led and pulled her back down, Nicki hit her head on the coffee table as she fell. Maliah got up and kicked Nicki a few times, she then grabbed her hair pulled her up from the floor and smashed her head against the dressing table mirror. Nicki fell to the floor, she was unconscious, Maliah kicked her one last time in the head. 
Maliah: That'll teach you to fuck with me bitch, see you in hell babe!
Maliah walked out the room laughing. Drake had been siting in the car for 15 minutes now.

*Where the fuck has this girl got to? I swear woman these days, fuck it im gonna go get her!*

Drake got out of the car and heading for the dressing room. Maliah saw Drake and new exactly where he was going, she hid in a room close to the dressing room so she could see everything that happens. She didnt want Drake seeing her, she new he would think she was a bad person and never speak to her again if he new what she had just done. Drake knocked on the dressing room door but there was no answer, he knocked a few more times before walking in. He opened the door slowly. 
Drake: Nicki???? Nicki????
He looked down on the floor and saw Nicki laying there, smashed glass all around her and she was covered in cuts and bruises. Her head was bleeding badly. The room was trashed, Drake ran over to her and checked her pulse. He let out a small sigh of relief when he felt her pulse and new she was still alive. He grabbed her hands.
Drake: NICKI???? Come on baby wake up.....shit....shit.....shit!!!!
Drake called 911, he didnt no what else to do. 
Drake: Come on baby. you'll be okaay, ambulance is on its way.....and i promise you im not gonna leave stay by your side....come Nicki baby please wake up!
The paramedics were there within 6 minutes. Maliah watched everything from a gap in the door she was hiding behind. She was finding it hard to hold her laughter back but she didnt want  to get caught for this. The paramedics took Nicki;s details from Drake, they then took her out to the ambulance. 
Paramedic: Sir would you like to come with us?
Drake was in a world of his own, all he could think about was Nicki, he didnt no why anyone would want to hurt her like this but he was sure as hell going to find out. 
Paramedic: Sir??? Sir???
Drake: Sorry what?
Paramedic: Would you like to come with us?
Drake: Yeah of course she needs me
Drake got in the ambulance, sat next to Nicki and held her hand. He pulled it to his mouth and kissed it.
Drake: You'll be okaay baby, im here and im not leaving you i promise!
Drake was wondering who could have done such a thing to her, she was such a lovely girl how could anyone want to hurt her. Just as the paramedic closed the doors to the ambulance he noticed a dark figure walking out of the backstage doors, he couldnt see who it was it was to dark.
Drake: *Under his breathe* You muthah fucker......your dead whoever you find out!!!!            



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